About Us

The B&M rifle series was conceived in 2005 by William V. Bruton (The B) and Michael McCourry (The M). Billy originally wanted a .500 caliber cartridge on par with the 500 S&W, only in a short handy rifle. Some quick research brings us the 50 B&M Super Short to fit this criteria. Michael having just come off a safari in Tanzania where an encounter with a hippo at extreme close range with a Winchester M70 458 Lott gave him some ideas about a rifle that handled better than the traditional big bore bolt gun that weighs 10 pounds or better  with a standard 24 inch barrel. From this concept the B&M Series of rifles and cartridges became reality.
It has taken a little time, but now  we are able to offer you the B&M Rifles and Cartridges. Handloading dies are available from both RCBS and Hornady, brass and custom bullets are available along with all load data, and all are kept on hand and in stock for the various cartridges. If you are a handloader you are ready to start shooting immediately upon receiving your rifle.
All of the B&M series rifles  are built by SSK Industries (aka JD Jones and Company) 740-264-0176. They  have all the reamers, and  extensive experience building these rifles, the work is guaranteed and backed up 100%. At SSK Industries Quality comes first!
In addition to this you may also get the die sets from RCBS and Hornady, and proper head stamped brass is available from Quality Cartridge, and soon from Jamison International.  Or you can certainly make your own brass, which will be detailed for you in the load data provided.
Note that the 500 MDM, 50 B&M, 50 B&M AK, 50 B&M SA, and the 50 B&M Super Short are true .500 caliber.
The 50 B&M, 475 B&M, 458 B&M, 416 B&M, 375 B&M, and 9.3 B&M are all built on Winchester M70 WSM actions with barrels from 18 to 20 inches.   Rifles weigh 6.5 lbs with the Winchester Ultimate stock, 7.5-8 lbs lbs with the Accurate Innovations wood stock.
The Super Short B&M cartridges are built on Winchester M70 WSSM actions. Currently available is the  50 B&M Super Short, 475 B&M Super Short, and 458 B&M Super Short. These rifles have 16 inch barrels and weigh 6.25 lbs with the Winchester Ultimate Stock.
For the lever gun enthusiast we have the 50 B&M Alaskan.  A true .500 caliber cartridge that calls either a Winchester/Browning M71 or a Marlin Guide Gun home.   Both come standard with 18 inch barrels and the cartridge is capable of 500 gr bullets at 1850 fps.  A powerful lever action package.
Our Big Bore stopping rifle is the 500 MDM. Based on a full length Winchester M70 it gives the shooter more power than a 500 Nitro Express on a bolt action rifle with 20 inch barrels and weighs in at 8-8.5 lbs depending on the stock.